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Project Nexus

Build smart solutions for tomorrow...

IT Solutions   I   Business Development Services  I   Management Solutions   I   Payroll administration

Helping you find the right IT solutions

1. Management Systems

2. Web Developments

3. Finance and Payroll integrations

Increase revenue and productivity while cutting costs.

Project Nexus specializes in developing fully customized cloud-based ERP systems for companies. By assessing your business processes and the challenges you face, we offer cost-effective IT strategies to optimize your workflow. Our services range from the development of simple web platforms to advanced management software applications, which are affordable and have a proven track record of having a high ROI

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Project Nexus – – lønadministration, løn, outsourcing lønadministration

Key Features of our management systems

Cloud Based

We build software applications for companies from a wide range of industries. The IT systems are hosted online, making it easily accessible for clients anywhere in the world


We use Amazon servers and we take great care in ensuring that your data is properly secured and that your systems are GDPR compliant.


Our applications are designed to be user-friendly and adapt to mobile and tablet screens, allowing clients to manage their business on the go.

What clients are saying about us

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Kent Salling Fløe


RockCrew ApS, Denmark

“From the time I contacted Project Nexus and decided to invest in building my own, unique ERP system, my revenues have tripled in size. Most importantly, I am now stress-free and I have complete freedom to travel all around the world and run my business remotely.”

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Tanja P.

Finance manager

LiveNation ApS, Denmark

“By using Project Nexus’s software solution which has job management and bookkeeping capabilities along with payroll integrations, we are now able to save up to 50.000 kr. each month.”

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Ancuta Deloiu


Anka's Style ApS, Denmark

"Before I met Traian and Harry I had a very basic website for my business, with no possibilities to help me expand my client base. Now with a stunning new webpage and a unique booking system developed by Project Nexus, my business has started to take shape and revenue has been growing consistently. Thanks to Project Nexus I am realizing my dream. As a result of this success, we have recently started working together on a new project, which is to build my very FIRST online shop addressed to my clientele"

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